Fair Shares CSA


A great new opportunity for our Maplewood neighbors, friends, fellow business owners, and customers: 


The Book House is partnering up with Fair Shares CSA  (www.fairshares.org)  to offer a weekly share of local, sustainably-raised protein, dairy, grains and seasonal produce delivered to our bookstore in Maplewood.


The delivery share is a base share which can be customized to work with almost all diets and preferences. The produce is the commitment to the local farmer, everything else can be traded back for other items.  Fair Shares includes recipes and a newsletter too. You can find out more about their programs at www.fairshares.org, or talk to Michelle Barron at The Book House who has been a member for four years now, and LOVES it!   


To Sign Up:  


You will need to create an account on www.fairshares.org, and pay the one-time membership fee here to join. Please select Work Place Delivery under the Preferred Pickup Location field, and Delivery Only Available on Thursdays under the Preferred Day field. We're calling the pickup location Book House, so if you enter that in the Work Place Delivery field, we'll know where to send the food. Once you create your membership we'll contact you about deciding on a payment plan etc. 


As a part of membership you'll get two insulated cooler bags labeled with your name. The idea being we exchange each week's delivery with the cooler bag from the week before. Please wipe out your bags and return any ice packs, jars, egg cartons, etc. We like to reuse as much as possible before recycling!


Each week on Tuesday night you'll receive a newsletter, via email, listing the food in your share (you are the Delivered group). Everything that has a price next it on the list is tradeable. This includes all meat, dairy, eggs, grains, basically anything with a shelf life. You are stuck with the produce because the farmers grew it for you, but everything else is fair game for customization. 


Feel free to adjust your share to accommodate your eating preferences. Vegetarian and want to trade out your meat? Not a problem. Got a larger family and what to double your meat and eggs? Again, not a problem. All you need to do is reply to your newsletter by 10 A.M. on Thursday with your name, pickup group (Book House), what you want to trade out, and what you would like to receive instead. 


The newsletter will have extra produce available and any specials we might be having. We also have a swap list (only accessible once you sign up and create a log in) that has a number of our meats and other value added items listed. I highly recommend coming by our main site (5021 Northrup Ave, just a couple miles south of you on Kighshighway) to see all the food that we have available for additional purchase. There is a huge variety of pastured meat, dairy, and other value-added products that might not be in the share, but is available as an add on. You have to order it ahead of time, but we also offer local milk and cut flowers as standing add on orders either weekly or bi weekly. 


Questions? Visit www.fairshares.org, or contact Kevin Warner (314-496-7597 or [email protected]), or Sara Hale (314-852-5743 or [email protected])!