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Please be sure that you have searched by the correct field -- author, title, or keyword. You can search by keyword to browse by category. You may also search our new, in-print book database by using the "new book" search field on the left column of the website. We order books from our distributor every 3 to 5 days.

NOTE: our website only lists a portion of the thousands of books we have in stock. Many of the books we have on our store shelves (including clearance and bargain books) are NOT on the website. If you were unable to find the book you were searching you may email or call us, or fill out form below, and we will personally search our off-line inventory for you.

Our inventory changes daily as we aquire truckloads of books every week, so check our online listings and our open shop often.

If all else fails, we have an extensive booksearch and special order department, Please contact us at 314-968-4491 or  by email for a personalized search.

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