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What's New at the Book House

Preparing for Independent Bookstore Day

National Independent Bookstore Day will be on the last Saturday of April! Come to celebrate what independent bookstores do for their communities, find some reading material for the summer, and get exclusive Independent Bookstore Day merchandise.

image of souvenir mug: Indie Bookstores Are My Jamimage of tiny kiteImage of reading journal: When one book closes, another book opens

Marie Antoinette is Back!

The Book House is pleased to announce the return of one of our most popular members of staff - Marie Antoinette!

The sculpture, by local artist S Jewell McGhee, graced the outside entrance of our store for several years, and has now returned - updated and refurbished - to the inside of the store, to greet our customers as they come in.

Stop by and check her out!


Meet the Bookstore Cats

After a few years without any bookstore cats, the Book House is getting a couple of new ones! We are adopting two kittens, a bonded pair of sisters. They’ll be coming to the store to live soon once they’ve adjusted and been been socialized a little more. We are still deciding on names for them! If you have any suggestions for good literary names for cats, go ahead and leave them on our Facebook post!