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Three Lives (Paperback)

Three Lives By Yank Shi Cover Image
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The protagonist has extraordinary memories - from the baby in the mother's womb before birth to the ghost in Hades after death. The protagonist has reincarnated three times, being a cat before reincarnated into a human, a wise and beautiful lady of the upper class in the 1st human life. A righteous young man from a poor peasant family in the 2nd human life and a young professor of artistic temperament and a promising writer who writes the current book in the 3rd human life. The protagonist's three lives cover the Republic of China before 1949, the PRC after 1949, and the US in the current decade respectively. This book records the writer's personal experience and love affairs as a human being in three different lifetimes, and the folk stories she (or he) experiences, hears and witnesses in different lands and eras. Some characters in the writer's different lifetimes interact, creating amazing and dramatic plots from time to time.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781958876596
ISBN-10: 1958876593
Publisher: Book Savvy International
Publication Date: February 15th, 2023
Pages: 284
Language: English

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