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Codependency Cure: 3 BOOKS IN 1: Codependent, Insecure Attachment, Polyamory & Jealousy. Simple recovery guide with healthy detachment st (Paperback)

Codependency Cure: 3 BOOKS IN 1: Codependent, Insecure Attachment, Polyamory & Jealousy. Simple recovery guide with healthy detachment st Cover Image
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Many people are addicted to other people, completely forgetting about themselves. Are you one of them? Do you feel a limitless concern for others to the point of believing they are yours and no one else's? would you like to explore new things? Then keep reading...

Codependent, jealousy and insecure attachment are common behaviors in a significant percentage of people in society.

In the book Codependent Cure. 3 books in 1: Codependent - insecure attachment - Jealousy & Polyamory by Lara Carter, you'll find compelling answers to overcome this type of behavior. This 3 in 1 book is a practical, complete and clear guide that offers strategies to overcome codependent relationships, jealousy and insecure attachment.

People addicted to other people: Codependency

An addiction is a behavior that creates dependency. It can occur with substances, behaviors, or people, -as is the case of codependent relationships-. Initially, this type of behavior is shown as something attractive, it is a way to satisfy some needs, fill gaps and improve moods. However, with time comes the suffering and deterioration of the life of a codependent.

When someone stays in a codependent relationship and sorbes time, money and strength putting his own life aside, he is capable of doing anything to stay in the relationship and not feel abandoned.

Pathological jealousy is also an important sign in codependent relationships, it is often a feeling without any foundation, capable of generating anger, mistrust, and sadness. All this occurs because of the feeling that a third party is taking the place. (Although you should also know that there are healthy jealousies that can give a spicy touch to relationships.)

Do you know what polyamory is?

It is a style of open sexual-love relationships, meaning that everyone involved is aware of it and accepts it. This type of relationship is an option for those who want to explore with other people without the need to lie or cheat.

To identify more clearly the symptoms of a codependent relationship, understand better Polyamory and jealousy, read the book: Codependent Cure.

You need to read Codependent relationship. 3 books in 1 because:

  • You will be able to clearly identify the symptoms and characteristics of codependency

  • You'll be ready to ask for help if you find out you're codependent

  • You will discover your essence, your courage to accept and love yourself as you are

  • You will learn healthy detachment strategies

  • You will have timely tools to release relationships and find your freedom

  • You will learn the meaning of POLYAMORY and other important aspects of the subject

  • You will discover how jealousy and flirting can improve intimacy with your partner.

  • Much more

Are you ready to discover all that Codependent Cure brings you?

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