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The Divine Comedy: Longfellow Edition (Paperback)

The Divine Comedy: Longfellow Edition By Dante Alighieri Cover Image
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The classic translation of one of the greatest poetry epics in the western world. In this fantastic journey, the narrator is taken down to the pits of Hell to see the various circles and pits that await the fate of sinful humanity. In this tour he sees many horrific things that at the time of writing will have traumatized anyone reading this story in the medieval era. After his trip to the bottom of Hell, he is taken into the realm of Purgatory there to see the spiral that souls must climb as they undergo the process of sanctification so that they may be welcomed into the gates of Heaven. Lastly, we are taken through the various realms and sections of the true hope of all humanity, Heaven. We see the glory of the heavens as Dante manages to write in a way that makes us in awe of what is to come. Although the trip is often vivid we get to see the culmination of all creation in the final part of this landmark work that redefined epic poetry. Now with increased font size.

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ISBN: 9781773562353
ISBN-10: 1773562355
Publisher: Devoted Publishing
Publication Date: June 5th, 2018
Pages: 304
Language: English