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Uncorked & Off the Chain: Offbeat Ramblings of a Zany Comic (Paperback)

Uncorked & Off the Chain: Offbeat Ramblings of a Zany Comic Cover Image
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Uncorked & Off the Chain delivers chops and attitude with zany cutting-edge opinion, observational humor, and tales from the wild side. No topic is off-limits, from sports, gambling, and edgy tales, to marriage, dogs, and mass consumption of cocktails. Short and snappy free-standing essays for those readers looking for a quick belly laugh.

"Benefits of yoga in order of importance: 1) flatulence prompting; 2) flexibility; 3) strength. Strike the downward dog pose and you'll be breaking wind like Gandhi. Namaste "

Jameson unveils plans for radically revamping the Olympics and pontificates on other pressing sports issues of the day.

"It slays me when a golfer hits it close to the hole and the commentator says, 'Golly, he just hit a perfect shot.' Bull****. If the ball doesn't go in the hole, it isn't the perfect shot."

He also rails against the establishment, has a keen eye for societal absurdities, and doles out sage man advice.

"Why don't we have topless bars at airports?"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781631839306
ISBN-10: 1631839306
Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press
Publication Date: May 14th, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English